Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Cabins and RV sits just one mile from one of the most beautiful places in the US, Yellowstone National Park. You’ve heard of Old Faithful, right? Well, Yellowstone Cabin and RV is just 30 miles from Old Faithful geyser. This famous geyser can shoot up anywhere from 130 to a staggering 180 feet high. It erupts at regular intervals so it easy to coordinate your visit. See an eruption and visit the nearby museum, gift shops, eateries and the spectacular Old Faithful Inn.

The Yellowstone Caldera is responsible for the park’s unique geothermal features. You’ve seen the pictures of the colorful turquoise blue hot spring, right? Well, that colorful geothermal feature is the Grand Prismatic Spring. Now you can see it in person! Find it in the Midway Geyser Basin. Don’t forget to visit the Lower Geyser Basin. There you’ll get to see more geothermic features, for instance, the mud filled Fountain Paint Pots, or the Great Fountain Geyser.

A great all day trip is a drive out to Mammoth Hot Springs. You’ll get to see, among other things, the famous and stunningly white travertine terraces. These terraces were formed over thousands of years as water from hot springs cooled and left calcium carbonate deposits. While you’re there you can also see a unique sight, elk casually meandering on the streets and grazing in between the buildings of the Mammoth Hot Springs Historic District.

Want to see some animals? Keep your eyes open and your camera ready! Spot all kinds of animals as you drive throughout the park. If seeing wild herds of roaming buffalo is your thing, then head to Hayden Valley and you won’t be disappointed.

Want a bird’s eye view? Then head on up to Mount Washburn where you’ll find that panoramic view you’ve been craving. How about a canyon? Carved over thousands of years by the Yellowstone River, Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon is another must see for your YNP visit. Be sure to walk the trails so you get the best vantage point of the Upper and Lower Falls. (Artist’s Point is a favorite spot to view the Lower Falls).

Want to see the same sights as Lewis and Clark? You can do it at Yellowstone National Park. Take a drive up to Yellowstone Lake. It’s not only the park’s largest body of water, but the largest body of water found at over 7000 the US. Finally, time your visit right and you can take a dip in the Firehole River at the Firehole River Swimming Hole. It’s one of only two swimming areas inside the park. The water in Yellowstone is colder than most areas, but here it is warmed by hot springs. As a result, it’s temperature is similar to that of an unheated swimming pool.

You can find all these things and more on the free map handed out at the entrance to Yellowstone National Park.